Monday, October 5, 2009

It's a Tivo-Wonderful World

Hey, friends.  Thanks for all of the comments about my headache.  I feel much better today, and am catching up on TiVo and cleaning a closet, which is a good sign.  Which reminded me that I wanted to post a list of my favorite television shows in case you are in need of something new to add to your fall TV line-up.  We have three TiVos in our house, for the very simple reason that I don't always know where I will be when the urge strikes me to watch a recorded program.  I like to record shows in the basement so I am motivated to get on the treadmill, and so far, that's worked twice.

Here are my recent favorites:

Network Shows:

Grey's Anatomy 
The Biggest Loser
Brother's and Sisters ( Note:  I really need Rob Lowe and Calista to get along this season.  Remember the show "Mad About You?"  Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser spent a whole season fighting and the show was really more like "Mad At You."  I don't care for that.
Desperate Housewives
Dancing with the Stars
Modern Family
Flash Forward
So You Think You Can Dance
Private Practice
Amazing Race (If you TiVo, remember to record the show that follows, usually Cold Case, because football runs long, and you will miss the end.  Just a tip.)

I watched the first Episode of Mercy, but I wasn't thrilled.  I didn't hate it, but I wasn't waiting for it this week, you know?

I wish there was a political drama.  I really miss The West Wing.

I sometimes catch the Monday night sitcoms with Jono, and I always love How I Met Your Mother, and we both love The Big Bang Theory.  It is VERY well written.  There's a new show on Monday. . . Accidentally on Purpose.  It's funny; Dharma is in it, and she always makes me laugh.

Some cable favs:

Flipping Out (so, so, so, so crazy.  I love it.)
Project Runway

I'm sure there are others--  Lisa, what am I missing???  We both like those design shows, like Top Design and Design Star, but I don't think they're on right now.  Also, Kathy Griffin: Life on the D-List, but it bordered on uncomfortable for me this season.  And that takes a lot. . .

I also TiVo Oprah and Days of our Lives, but I only watch these when I feel like it, usually when I'm folding laundry and making beds.  Easy to delete episodes that don't interest me.  Lately Oprah's been awesome. . . did you catch the Whitney 2-parter?  Crack is WHACK, Bobby!!!

To answer the unspoken question, I don't watch all of these all the time.   I pick and choose.  Mostly I choose to watch.  Thank you, TiVo, for giving me the option of pause and rewind, morning or night.

I just didn't want Tuesday to go by in case you didn't have The Biggest Loser on your schedule.  Speaking of that, I'm still hoping for a Medium Loser edition.
If I could just have 3 weeks on that show. . .

And of course, starting in January, Tuesdays be an official holiday because American Idol will be back.   American Idol

Gotta scoot!  Have a good day, everyone :)

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