Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's All in the Jeans

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Back to the grind, I say.  Time to write that novel and update those blogs and shoot an article or two off to a magazine.  And I'm ready.  The Easter migraine has passed (another blog for another day-- it wasn't pretty, friends--complete with drooling, crying, and narcotic-induced candy binges) and it's time to get to work.  I got up, I put on my writer's jeans (What? I write in jeans that aren't too tight to sit comfortably for hours and hours but aren't so loose that I look icky.  Writer's jeans.  Note to self:  patent this idea) and I gathered my writer's things.  Macbook, notes, bag, legal pads, folder of great ideas, paper clips (I have a weird addiction), phone, chargers.  Also, bills that I need to pay, on my break from all of the writing, of course.

Once the kids are off to school, I hop in my car and head for the library.

Crap.  I forgot to eat breakfast and I have no highlighters.

I love Drug Mart.   Breakfast and pens in one place.  I find Special K Protein Bars, a bottle of Vitamin Water, pink and yellow highlighters, new pens, some Post-It flags, and some Shout, which I need for Jono's baseball pants, so this is just a lovely time-saving bonus.  Back in the van, I re-load my writing bag, organize it, trash all of my old yucky stuff, put my nice new pens inside, and get myself all set.  For the writing.  So I should probably leave the Drug Mart parking lot.  After I throw all of this trash away.  I get back out of my van, quickly clean my whole car out with a baby wipe and a Drug Mart bag and go to the library.

Which is where I am now.  Kind of, because I don't like the really quiet part of the library.  I like the cafe part.

Two trips to the bathroom, one to the magazine rack for "Writer's Digest" and "The Writer" and only one quick visit to Facebook, paid my AT&T bill, cleaned out my wallet, and now you can OBVIOUSLY see that I'm writing.  Or what would you be reading?

So it's a start.  Back on the horse, if you will.

And I'm riding this horse in my writer's jeans.  Looking good. . . .