Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pandas and Pink Drinks and Percocet. . .OH MY!

Yesterday was a horrible, crappy, no-good, terrible day.  No question about it, no way around it.  A couple of emails that hurt my feelings, a couple of icky situations to navigate, a couple of kids home from school, normal mom worries, a bomb threat at school, WHATEVER. . . but by the end of my day, I was wiped out.  Done.  Spent.  Christy Chafe-- Over and Out.  And by 7:30 PM, I shut it all down and went into hiding.

Not in a closet, or under the bed, but from my computer, my phone, my cell phone, my Facebook page, my family, and the news.  I went upstairs, put on my jammies, washed my face, and climbed into bed.  I took the rest of my drink from dinner up with me.

At dinner, Adam had said, "That's a very pink drink you've got there.  What is it?"
     "Mike's Hard Lemonade."
     "Aren't those yellow?"
     "These are special.  They're the Breast Cancer Mike's."

AS IF I'm going to drink a non-cause-supporting beverage.  Please.

Anyway, back to my hiding in plain sight.  Me, my Mike's, my TiVo, my jammies, and about 17 magazines camped out in bed for the night.  Why, on this of ALL nights, do I have no good chocolate in this house?

And two Percocet, but let me explain.  I am sometimes a walking headache, which I know is a sentence that can be read two ways.  But really, I get baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad headaches.  And to be perfectly honest, I was THRILLED to get a headache last night, because I could reach for the pain meds and know I would snuggle into hiding and eventually fall asleep.

But not before enjoying some Entertainment Tonight, of course, and a new show called "Shark Tank" which I totally recommend.  (At this point, Sam and his panda, Fred, have joined me in bed for a snuggle and Sam is enjoying a little later bedtime, and a mom who is a tiny-bit out of her mind.  I am explaining the concept of the show.

     "You see, Sam, those people with business ideas are like minnows, and that panel of business executives, they're like the sharks.  That's why it's called "Shark Tank."
     "You mean the investors?" he said.

I pulled the covers over my head.

I skim through a TiVo of "Flipping Out," which is so beyond crazy that I am madly, madly in love with it.  Another blog, another time, I will tell you what is on my TiVo list.  It's not pretty, and it's not educational, but I love my TiVo.  Okay, my three TiVo's.

I tried to flip through "Vogue."  Then "Us," then "People," but I was too tired to turn the pages.  So lights off.  At least four more magazines were on my feet.  Could. Not. Kick. Off.

Adam came in the door and stopped short.

     "This is not like you," he said.
     "I know," I said, muffled into the pillow.  "I'm all done.  Stupid day. I hate this day."
     "I know you do," he said.  "Hey, can I use your laptop?"
     "Sure."  He opened it and sat down on the floor.

Here?  He was typing in my hide-out?  Soon he left.  Either that, or I fell asleep.  I'm not entirely sure.

I have to say, it's harder than I thought to hide out from all of these things that connect me to the real world, or at least, my button-click-world.  And it's easier than I thought to escape to things that really matter.  Snuggles, sleep, peace.   This morning, I eased back in, slowly.  Got the kids off to school, stopped for a quick sugar-free Red Bull (okay, slowly is relative,) went to the library, and not until about 10:30 did I open my laptop, look at my phone, check back in.  Big deal, right?  A few hours, taking a break.  But it makes a girl see how easy it is to be too connected to meaningless things, to be too reachable sometimes, and how much can be gained from taking a small step back into her real, panda-filled, occasionally-prescription-drug-influenced, TiVo-wonderful world.


  1. hee hee...Can I creep your blog:) Sorry- read a bit from the facebook link and I was hooked! I'll share my blog with you! See ya at dance tomorrow!

  2. You can creep anything you like :) Especially since you're not creepy:)
    Please send me a link to your blog-- I would love to read.
    Thanks for reading mine xxoo