Friday, September 4, 2009

Open House, Open Mind?

Reflections on Jono's High School Open House:

English:   I sat in the desk, listening to Jono's teacher talk about the coursework for the year.  Poetry.  Short story unit.  Vocab.  Romeo and Juliet.  "Oh," says the teacher, "We're not only going to READ the play, we're going to act it out.  With costumes.  And watch the movie."  Adam whispers to me, "I am SO glad I don't have to do this again."  I say to him, "I wish I could take this class."  I picture myself as Juliet.

Biology:   There is a big tall desk in the front of the room with lots of projection equipment and a faucet.  It looks exactly like the science lab in my high school.  I am flashing back to Mr. Heim who was probably about 27 years old, teaching me Honors Biology II.    How did a baby teach me anything?  That explains why I don't understand cell respiration.

Gym:  I hate this I hate this I hate this I hate this.   Hated it then, hated it now.  Please don't make me climb a rope.

Spanish:  No comprende.

Algebra:  Seems like a nice guy.  I could do this, I think.  I could maybe give this a . . .  oh, who the hell am I kidding?  Where's that nice English class again?

I now know why I still have dreams about school.  You know, those horrible "did I take the test, have I ever attended those classes?" dreams.  Adam and I got lost 10 times at open house.  Our 10-minute classes were overwhelming,  the 5- minute "switch" times weren't long enough at all,  and the hallways were long and scary.  When I am in the elementary schools, I feel to big for the space.  Here,  though it was an amazing place, I was completely out of my comfort zone.  I felt younger than the children who were guides.  What a testament to the fact that the high school is raising up confident, strong students.

Jono is in for an amazing experience.   But would I ever want to go back to high school (except for one quick cameo of Juliet?)   NO GRACIAS!

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  1. Christy:
    I'm with you! Even after all these years, I got lost a few times.

    My favorite classes would be the Cable TV and photography and even art. English too...

    Hope Jono has a great time in High School!!