Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ahhhhhhhhh. . . .

Weekend.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I woke up to the sound of sawing and buzzing and nail guns outside my window.  The fence is being built.  Adam is rebuilding the fence picket by picket, and today, Jono will begin to help him prime and paint, a deal bartered a few months ago when Jono needed "help" replacing his broken phone AND a broken window in the same day.

Some fence background:  about a week ago, I stamped my foot on the front porch and begged and pleaded the case for a second gate in the fence, at the other end of a long walkway.  I was told it could not be done.  Would not be done.  Absolutely no way.  But knowing my husband, I was pretty sure that what he meant was, "sure."  And I kind of figured that on the day the fence went up, I would see my new gate.  That's just the way it rolls with him.

Abby had dance class this afternoon, so I took her to the studio, and read my book club book for a while in the parking lot.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.  That was nice little 45 minutes of nothing.  An enjoyable read so far, too.  (The Senator's Wife, by Sue Miller, in case anyone is interested.)  Then, haircuts for the boys, which I always need to attend for fear of all curls being lost forever.

My mother-in-law came to pick up Sam for the evening, and Adam and I are going out tonight with our friends to celebrate the fact that my best friend's cancer appears to be gone, gone, GONE.   She has kicked cancer's ass, fighting like a girl, and it's been a long hard summer.  So tonight, we can have a moment of . . . ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

But just now, I was walking by the fence.

And there's no second gate.

Just rails and posts.  Beautifully constructed pickets, gorgeous design.   Hey, who knows.  Maybe Adam has to put the whole fence up and THEN he has to construct the gate separately and insert it.  I mean, really, what the hell do I know about gate construction?  I'm the first to say that I know absolutely nothing.  I know that he did not want to dig some sort of additional giant post hole--didn't want to fight with the earth anymore-- and I totally get that.   Actually no, I don't.  I just want a gate.  Truly, gate or no gate, it's been cool today to see my husband, my father-in-law and my son working together.  Even Abby primed some pickets.

Hey. . . MAYBE I'm getting the gate for Christmas!  And it's a big surprise.   Ahhhhhhhhhh. . .  I'm on to you, Adam.

You and your "one gate fence."  :)   (Doesn't he look like a "two-gate guy???)


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