Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Love Summer

I love summer.


I love Bomb Pops (mostly the white part,) my birthday, sleeping in, and reading trashy magazines by the pool.  I love ducks on the lake, kids in the lake, and drinks by the lake.    I love singing the Glee soundtrack in my car with the sunroof open after driving through Dairy Queen with the kids.  Don't Stop Believin'?  Okey-Dokey.  I won't.
We love summer so much around here, that Sam made a checklist to make sure we got through the summer activities without fail:

I love light green nail polish and fresh cut flowers.  My hydrangeas bloomed blue this year for the very first time!

Rotisserie chicken, watermelon and lemonade.  I am a new fan of this particular summer-y combination, because my kids devoured it last night for dinner, the 5th night without a working air conditioner.  So, today, I love my new A/C.  I didn't love the process, the price, nor the "ask your husband" line that the installer fed me, but my 86-degree home is cooling (currently at 77) and I'm grateful.

It's movie night tonight (note: checklist) and we'll be lounging on the couch, watching "The Spy Next Door" in a cool family room.   Ahh, summer :)

Lisa's 6-month scans came back clear.  Last summer is a sad, icky blur, and the only thing that got us (me?) through was knowing that we would absolutely get to THIS summer, eat popsicles, swim, play and look back on that time as a memory.   I love summer, always.  But I really love this summer.

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